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A FullStack Software Engineer

About me

How is it going?

I really love challenges and I think they are the best way to improve my professional skills. It's part of my job to spread my knowledge around the team, I'm so comfortable to teach everybody about things I know.
In my career I learned how to work in different environments, from under pressure to that more flexible.

I'm very open to suggestions like starting new things or solutions. Learning a new technology, programming language or a product really makes me more passionate about the job. I really love documentations, I like to write from the technical ones to the product and context docs. I'm very sociable and I like to talk in public.
All my communication skills are advanced because I always like to express myself. My career wishes are always connected to learning about companies products and contributing with technology.

Employment History

Where I have been worked these 7 years

  • Tokio Marine (Insurance Group)
  • PagBank PagSeguro (Fintech)
  • Nubank (Fintech)
  • Lend Technologies (Fintech)

You can find a lot of information about my comercial experience on my LinkedIn page.

Please fill free to send me a message there.


Which technologies I have worked with

Looking to my whole experience and my choices you can definetly assume that I'm Frontend guy and that's true.

Talking a little bit about my passion, Javascript. Yeah I really confess that if the choice is mine, everything will work in JS since the Database, passing through the Backend until the Frontend.
I certain believe that my favorite stack now a days is MEXN, an acronym for: MongoDB, Express, any Frontend framework and Node.

At the beginning I was passionate with Angular but some after some years I decided to choose the Frontend framework based on a tool, depending on the project complexity.

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Favorite Stack

What I love to work with

Considering all my comercial experience, if I can tell you my favorite stack is MERN.

But Why?

I think React is one of the most popular frameworks in the frontend world so basically this brings a lot of power to create new features, maintain application and solve bugs. This is because probably the community already had the same pain that you have.

So using Mongo and Node along side with React also brings a lot of efficiency for the squad, basically when all the team uses the same programming language for all the stack is more common to have people contributing in all parts of the application. From the backend to the frontend.


Please contribute with my repositories

  • 8bit-theme
  • clipboard-api
  • clipboardjs-lib
  • commit-handler
  • e-commerce
  • felipe0liveira
  • felipe0liveira.dev
  • instafollower-bot
  • js-load-onscroll
  • launchpad-js
  • markreator
  • meubazartech
  • minimal-next-app
  • next-clock
  • next-router-query
  • ng-windows
  • ocr-api
  • react-blog-sample
  • react-snake-game
  • react-windows-98
  • sale-status
  • sample_flutter_search
  • sanjatuning.com
  • scriptsverse
  • search-box
  • shrinker
  • spotify-mp3
  • store-framework
  • video-call
  • web-shrinker

Calm down

That's not a reeeally end

I would love if you contribute with this website, the repository is fully open-source and I'll be waiting for a pull request from you.

Of course I love to help the community and my reacent creation was a minimal-next-app, that is basically a react/next boilerplate to start new applications with the Javascript and Typescript version.

Please feel free to meet all my Github Repositories.